Quality is no accident. Doing the right thing from the start is our philosophy. This means realising customers' requirements effectively and efficiently. We want to keep refining processes through continual improvement. The aim is to impress completely satisfied customers with added value.

Martin Wettstein


Our success is founded on the highest product quality at a Swiss level across all locations. That's why we are continually refining our production processes, optimising productivity and increasing efficiency. The production data management system developed by KUK in Appenzell guarantees the highest quality at all six locations at global market prices.

Access to real-time status of every working process across the firm
Less unplanned system downtime, and optimised machine running time thanks to consistent machine data management
Sustainable process improvement and reduced lead times
Traceability of all defined materials
Training possible for each individual employee

Consistent product and process quality

Quality is the top priority at KUK, which applies to our products and processes alike. As part of our integrated management system, we guarantee the documentation and continual optimisation of our workflows and structures. The essential certifications distinguish KUK as a reliable partner for automotive, industry and medicine & sensor. You can trust our quality awareness!

Systematic use of quality tools

In-house machine and tool building

Systematic monitoring and calibration of testing equipment

Individual testing level determined by the product or the process