Windings on Toroidal Cores

KUK manufactures customer-specific toroidal core coils with an inner diameter from 3 mm. The core is mainly ferrites from 1.5 mm. Toroidal coils are used by our customers for switched-mode power supplies, chokes, transformers and many other applications.



  • Bifilar/multiple windings
  • Tin-plated ends
  • With strands and connectors
  • Housing SMD/pins
  • Varnished/sealed
  • Dimensions 3 to 50 mm



  • Varnished copper wires
  • RF strands, insulated strands



  • Ferrites from 1.5mm



  • Miniaturisation
  • Ferritic materials
  • Specification of chokes, transmitters, transformers
  • Toroidal core winding equipment



  • Switched-mode power supplies
  • Smoothing and filter chokes
  • Radio interference suppression
  • Oscillating circuits
  • Pulse and broadband transmitters
  • Transformers, inductances



  • Trays


Customer-specific solutions are our speciality

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