Medical and Sensors

Medical and Sensors

Consistency of the product is the most significant factor in the medical and sensor industry. KUK guarantees process stability and traceability along the value-added chain. There is a virtually infinite variety of customer-specific coils manufactured at KUK.

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Miniaturised coils and electronics customised for medical and sensors

KUK is a technology partner for miniaturised coils and electronics in the medical and sensor systems field. Production of miniature coils / micro coils is automated on in-house winding plants, which are monitored by specially trained employees.
Our manufacturing expertise includes plants for direct winding of metal cores and processing fine wires from 10 um, which are many times thinner than a human hair. KUK's core skills also include assembling and connection technology, particularly in this precision field.
The aim is to generate added value for our customers every time – whether in terms of quality, price or time. The products are manufactured at all sites using the same materials, based on the same documentation instructions and in accordance with the highest quality standards in medical and sensor systems field.

New guide "Coil manufacturing with ultra-fine wires for medical technology"

This e-paper introduces innovative coil production technologies for medical technology, in particular the latest advances in ultra-fine wire winding.

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Coils for advanced medtech applications

In a smooth project, a Swiss medical technology company outsourced the coil production for a complex surgical instrument to KUK Group. 

In a smooth project, a Swiss medical technology company outsourced the coil production for a complex surgical instrument to KUK Group.

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FAQ about KUK coil manufacturing for medical/medtech and sensor

Miniature coils/micro coils of highest quality and smallest dimension


  • KUK is a specialist in the production of miniature coils/micro coils with ultra-fine wire. What minimum dimensions do you offer?

KUK Group has great experience in winding miniature coils/micro coils with an ultra-fine wire of 0.010 mm diameter (pure copper), together with the insulation the effective outer diameter is 0.0133 mm. With windings directly on magnetic cores, minimum diameters of the miniature coils/micro coils from 0.3 mm outer diameter are thus possible, as used in medical technology and sensor technology, among others.Microcoil on 1 euro cent coin as size reference.


  • On which core material does KUK wind micro coils?

KUK Group is able to produce miniature coils with different core materials, for example amorphous core material, ferrite or mu-metal. The minimum diameter is 0.1 mm. Which core material is optimal for the production of your micro coil must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Which performance or magnetic fields can be achieved with micro coils from KUK?

As a purely customer-specific coil manufacturer, KUK Group leaves the design of the coil to the customer, who can best determine the requirements of his product. We are happy to support you in the development and manufacturing process so that the required dimensions can also be realised. Please note that the cut quality of the core material has a higher impact on the magnetic field than the windings.

  • How does KUK contact micro coils with the surrounding components?

The contacting process with the other components is a great challenge due to the dimensions. Over the years, KUK Group has developed an innovative soldering technology whose stable manual process enables clean and commercially attractive processing. Of course, KUK always strives to automate as many technological steps as possible. Thanks to in-house plant construction, there is proven experience for tailor-made automation solutions.

  • How does KUK achieve sufficient stability in miniature coils?

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of coils and electronics, KUK Group has extensive experience with potting in various medical tubing. This process has proven itself in coil production with miniature coils from 0.3 mm (outer diameter). 

  • What kind of measurements can KUK perform in the production of micro coils?

As part of coil production, KUK Group measures ohmic resistance and inductance serially of miniature coils. Further measurements can be assessed according to customer requirements.

We wind coils and assemble PCB based on your individual specifications.

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How do complex coil projects for medical technology succeed without delay?

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Fully automated miniature coils

Materials tracing

Validated processes

Direct core winding