Medicine and Sensors

Medicine and Sensors

Consistency of the product is the most significant factor in the medicine and sensor industry. KUK guarantees process stability and traceability along the value-added chain. Consistency and quality awareness must be embedded in the production process. Customer products have virtually infinite variety, which is produced at KUK.

Manuel Inauen

Miniaturised coils and electronics customised for medicine and sensors

KUK is a technology partner for miniaturised coils and electronics in the medical and sensor systems field. Production is automated on in-house winding plants, which are monitored by specially trained employees.
Our manufacturing expertise includes plants for direct winding of metal cores and processing fine wires from 12 um, which are many times thinner than a human hair. KUK's core skills also include assembling and connection technology, particularly in this precision field.
The aim is to generate added value for our customers every time – whether in terms of quality, price or time. The products are manufactured at all sites using the same materials, based on the same documentation instructions and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

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Fully automated miniature coils

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Direct core winding