Each customer, each coil and assembled unit is unique, but thanks to years of experience, KUK is the ideal partner to guide customers to the series product.

Edoardo Finotti

Your EMS provider with competence, experience and a global network

Process-optimised production of coils and electronics

  • KUK does not make own-brand products, but manufactures for customers who prefer to outsource their coil production and electronic manufacturing to a specialist. This enables KUK to concentrate on its core competences. The firm's expertise is being expanded all the time, and investments are made on an on-going and target-oriented basis.
  • The manufactured coils and assemblies are customer-specific, simple to complex, individual parts to large-scale series of several hundred thousand. KUK focuses on customer expectations regarding function, quality and price. Quantities and options are discussed and calculated. The KUK specialists are familiar with a range of solutions, helping the firm to meet customer expectations.
  • KUK is prepared to undertake and monitor new developments. For KUK, each customer and each coil and assembled unit is unique, but thanks to years of experience, KUK is the ideal partner to guide customers to the series product.
  • The aim is a manufactured coil or assembled PCB that meets customer's expectations. KUK is able to call on years of experience in modifying systems and equipment to this end.
  • The quality management system is applied to all processes. All divisions are managed centrally, and controls and procedures for products are clearly described.
  • Coil and electronics production operates on a largely paper-free basis. The processes are described on the intranet, and specifications are stored electronically.
  • KUK guarantees the traceability of all processes and products used. This includes the tracing of individual components on request.



Material procurement




  • The Development department is interdisciplinary (mechanical engineering, electronics, automation). Thus, the customer gets the “right” contact partner depending on the task at hand.
  • Development analyses every new coil or electronic component. It defines processes and specifies testing. It evaluates technical specifications or changes. Development implements the specifications for automation, handling devices and tools.
  • KUK also develops assembled electronic components and/or guides the customer from the development phase (single source supplier). The desired end product determines which components are required. The firm's expertise is not limited to the technical side, as procurement, quality assurance etc. are also part of that.


In-house logistics and warehouses

  • KUK manufactures to customer order. The delivery periods are often tight, which is why KUK maintains a stock of corresponding raw materials. This makes coil production/electronic manufacturing services very flexible.
  • Large materials warehouse and range (1500 t copper per year, over 5,000 different parts in stock)
  • Coil production/electronic manufacturing and storage based on customer and product
  • Customer-specific warehousing (JIT, buffer stock, consignment stock)
  • Traceability at production-batch level 100 % (materials, processes, production material, machine settings), traceability at used-material-batch level on request.


Global thinking / global network

  • Locations in Switzerland (headquarters), China, Slovakia, Netherlands, France and Thailand lead to global thinking and optimised production locations. KUK offers a compound knowledge in production relocation and installation of foreign runs as well as in setting up redundant production for customised global sourcing.
  • Our customers benefit from a global network of suppliers and the resulting best conditions. Your contact partners are motivated and competent professionals.


Quality management

  • KUK is committed to a comprehensive quality policy in coil manufacturing, PCB assembly and assembly of electronic components. The firm is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949
  • Testing with standard measuring tools (R, U, I, C, f) or specialised equipment. The level of testing is set by the customer. KUK applies the customer's standards or develops its own test environment. Following successful testing, the product or the batch is labelled with batch number, product name and poss. specific requirements. Testing equipment is monitored in line with ISO specifications.
  • The product data management system (PDM) developed in-house by KUK optimises processes from incoming orders to delivery. This system guarantees compliance with specialist and internal workflows. The PDM offers immense advantages in all areas. Quality, verifiability, various evaluations (e.g. SPC), etc. are easy to create, monitor and analyse.
  • Sustainability for us means eco-friendly production processes and technologies, compliance with corresponding legislation, conserving natural resources, economical use of raw materials, educating our staff and holding suppliers to the same standards.

We wind coils and assemble PCB based on your individual specifications.

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