Demands on suppliers to the automotive industry are rising continually. This leads to organisational, process and equipment optimisation as a permanent operational challenge. That helps a company develop!

Ruben Koch

High-precision coils and complete magnetic valve units for the automotive industry

We have been a reliable partner to automotive industry suppliers for years – certified in accordance with ISO 16949. KUK winds coils for stepper motors and makes complete solenoid valve units – including electronics and overmoulding with standard plug connectors. The high standards in the automotive sector have contributed to steady progress at KUK.
Production is process-related and documented online, ensuring consistent, verifiable quality. KUK supports and assists customers throughout the entire process, from engineering to efficiently manufactured, cost-effective and high-quality series products that reach the customer on-schedule. Depending on the production volume, we manufacture these products with customised tools and equipment or on fully automated plants at the location best suited to the product and the planned volume.

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Guaranteeing traceability

In-process controls for large-scale production series

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