A year marked by growth and material crisis

Coil manufacturer KUK Group has already increased its workforce by 70 this year: CEO Manuel Inauen.

KUK Group is again recording high sales growth and creating new jobs in the current year. However, the leading manufacturer of customised coils and electronics is hit by global supply problems as well.

"Exciting but challenging" has been the 2021 business year so far, reports CEO Manuel Inauen. Thanks to the high demand, the number of employees was increased to over 700, which corresponds to around 70 new jobs since the beginning of the year. Further expansion is also planned for the coming months at most of the six locations worldwide. With the higher output, the technology company headquartered in Appenzell (Switzerland) is also making a contribution to combating the widespread shortage of electronic components - to the extent that this is at all possible due to the now widely known supply constraints: "Especially in PCB assembly, it is a great challenge to be able to meet delivery deadlines," says Inauen. But KUK is also suffering indirectly from the procurement crisis in its main business, coil production: "Certain customers have postponed deliveries because they cannot process our coils due to a lack of other material."

High customer trust, high employee commitment

This "stop&go" pattern is unlikely to change much in the coming months. Inauen expects the procurement situation to calm down to some extent in the spring of 2022 at the most. The enormous customer confidence, which is expressed in contracts already closed for 2022 or even 2023, is helpful in this respect: "This enables us to obtain the necessary components at an early stage and thus creates planning security for all parties involved," CEO Inauen continues. In this context, he also expresses his gratitude to all employees: "The global staff is doing an incredible job under conditions that change daily in order to be able to serve the customers as punctually as possible."