Facts and Figures

Year of establishment 1990
Founders Hansueli Koster und Bruno Koster
Legal form Stock company (AG) with a capital stock of CHF 240,000. Members of company management and management staff hold 100% of all shares.
Headquarters Appenzell (Switzerland)
Affiliated company KUK (China) Ltd., Shanghai, China
KUK Coils Slovakia s.r.o., Nová Dubnica, Slovakia
KUK Coils France SARL, Bitschwiller-les-Thann, Frankreic
KUK Wijdeven, Oirschot and Ter Apel, Niederlande
KUK Coils Thailand, Nonthaburi, Thailand
Employees > 700
Apprentices 5 (Assembly workers, electronics specialists, clerical employees)
Markets Automotive 33%
Industry 44%
Medical & Sensors 23%
Production output > 200 million wounded coils / year
> 1 million printed circuit boards (PCB) / year
> 1 million mounted assemblies / year

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