KUK focuses on the production process, including engineering and possible automation. Its in-house development and integrated machine & tool design & construction departments enable KUK to manufacture products ranging from prototypes to small and large-volume production runs at globally competitive prices. Ultimately, you will find the result of our capabilities and skills not in any catalog, but in the applications of our satisfied business partners.

KUK Electronic AG was established in 1990 in Appenzell (Switzerland). Today, KUK operates production facilities at its sites in Appenzell with 150 employees, in Shanghai (China) with 180 employess, in Nová Dubnica (Slovakia) with 100 employees, in Bitschwiller-lès-Thann (France) with 10 employees and in Ter Apel (Netherlands) with 30 employees. The company’s history is marked by continuous growth.

KUK supplies its products across the globe. Every year, over 200 million coils are wound, over 1 million printed circuit boards are assembled, and over 250'000 module are mounted.

wounded coils per year

> 200'000'000

printed circuit boards per year

> 1'000'000

mounted modules per year

> 250'000